Best week!

Tomorrow I am going to swimming and I am as happy as I can be!

On Wednesday we are going to Kmart & Iam happy too!

On Thursday we are going to the cinema & swimming again.   I am really happy because my biggest wish is to go swimming!


On Sunday I asked my mum can I make dinner to night and she said yes.  I made dinner.  I made juice and some thing llike pizza. For juice I put banana milk and strawberries then I mixed them together.  For the thing like the pizza I put mushroom, meat, carrot, corn, green leaves, pasta and lots of other things on it.  It is fun to cook and my mum didn’t help  me.  When every one was eating they said that it was really nice and my dad told me that it was brilliant.


On Saturday  my uncle’s wife was coming to my house and taking us shopping.  We  went to Big W and it was so fun. Then we came back to my house and then my mum cooked lunch for us.  My dad and my uncle were coming to my house and we ate lunch.  Then we saw lots of old cars and they were really colourful.  Then me and my sister watched tv.  Then at night we went to my grandma’s house and we ate dinner and we saw a movie it was good.

On sunday I went to the doctor because my sister’s ear was hurting then we came  back to my house.  My mum cooked lunch for everyone and we ate lunch together.  Then we said good bye to my uncle and his wife because his wife was going to Iran.  My uncle was just driving to Melbourne to say goodbye to his wife.


On Friday I am going to the zoo and I am happy.  My sister is coming too. I know we will have a good day on Friday . My teacher told me you can bring your Ipad if you want and I said OK.  Iwas really happy because I can take a photo of the animals .

kids town

Yesterday me and my dad and my sister Yasameen went to Kids town.  It was so fun! I played slide and swinging and lots of other things.  Some times I was sitting in the swing and my sister was pushing me and some times I was pushing my sister.  Then my dad showed us some ants and there was going too fast.  We had a good day yesterday.

English CLASS

Hello.  Today I went to English class and I was so happy because I could see my friends again.  Today in English class 12 new students were coming from Syria and they were speaking Arabic.  In my class is one woman and she speaks Arabic too and she helped my teacher.  If the student can’t understand what my teacher says she will help them.


On Saturday I went in my dad’s shop.  My mum was coming to my dad’s shop and we went to shopping in Kmart.  I got some things.  And at night we went to the pizza shop and I ate pizza. On Sunday my Grand Ma came to my house and we ate lunch. After lunch we went to Target and I got 50 markers.  I went to my house and I watched TV and I did some drawing.

Good Week

This week was so funny because on Monday we had our Big Writing.  On Tuesday we had our Roald Dahl Day party and on Wednesday I went to Kyabram and I saw how the  grade 6s work.  Today  we had the Dance Festival and it was so Good and Funny.   I have clubs after lunch.  Tomorrow we have a footy and pie day.  I love this week!